Autoradio und Verstärker Rauschunterdrückung Stereofilter mit Erdschleifenisolator (schwarz)

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ELIMINATES NOISE – It can eliminate the engine noise of stereos and amps, the alternator noise, the noise of ground loop and the car engine noise. Keep a clear listening environment for you. KEEP SAFE – 200W and 15A of the item. The body item is cover by copper material, having high temperature and melting resistant function. Prevent the item from short circuit. Keep safe with your car. EASY TO INSTALL – Just install two male plugs to the main output of head unit, connect two female plugs to the amplifier or audio. SMALL SIZE – The body size is 2.52*1.50 in. It is suitable to install behind your car accessory socket. Save lots of space for the panel and keep the electronics wires tidy. SUITABLE ELECTRONICS – It is suitable for car audio, amplifier, amplifier stereo receivers, car horn, car subwoofer and so on Which are suitable for the item can be listed as follow: 1.The car audio or amp whines when the engine is running. 2.The audio or amp noise issue was caused by a ground loop. 3.The noise of vehicles power and charging system. 4.The engine noise made by aftermarket stereos of amps. How to know whether the item were useful for your car? If your car was already install the car amplifier or car subwoofer and it had noise when your car engine running, you need the item.
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